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6 Products For Maintaining The Perfect Beard

If you ever wondered how to get the best results when growing a beard, this article is for you.

You always see these guys with a full sculptured beard, wishing yours will be able to look that good. No worries, whenever you see a beard with the right length and shaped to perfection, know that it’s the result of consistent maintenance.

There are endless products for beard-care, and you should stick with the ones you feel most comfortable with and gives you the results you desire. However, if you want to make the beard-care process more manageable and to be able to control the shape and look of your beard, you might want to try these essential products and tools to achieve great results.



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A comb is necessary for those who have a relatively long beard, unlike a brush that can be used on most lengths of beards.

You don’t want to ruin your beard using a cheap comb with jagged edges. A bad comb can damage your hair and give you split ends, scrape your hair or irritate your skin as you’re combing through your beard. Depends on the length of your beard, I would ideally recommend a deeper comb with plenty of depth so it can go all the way through your beard. Just because it’s more expensive doesn’t mean that it’s better, you can get a bundle of combs for $10 and they still will be better than a $15 single comb. Another thing to consider is narrow tines vs more spread apart tines or both in one comb. A narrow tined comb is used mainly to comb a mustache, so if you’re trimming your mustache frequently, a narrow tines comb is not necessary. The more spread apart tines are used for your beard, as mentioned before, avoid the ones with jagged edges.






Think about what scissors your barber uses, would you feel comfortable if he used a cheap pair while cutting your hair?

You don’t have to purchase the most expensive pair of scissors out there. Still, you would want a harder and sharper pair of scissors that might cost a little higher than the average pair of scissors. The cheaper scissors will pull and snag out your beard and won’t be very comfortable to use. Beard trimming is a process, and you should feel satisfied with the scissors you use.






Washing your beard every day could harm your beard. When you’re washing your beard, you strip all of its natural oils. That’s the opposite of what you want. That’s why co-washing (conditioner only washing) is extremely important to maintain your beards’ natural oils. In co-washing, you’re taking conditioner instead of a beard wash or a shampoo and you’re using that to rub in your beard and rinse out after 3-5 minutes, and what that does is when you get out of the shower you won’t have that dry, gritty feeling. Using the right conditioner, thick consistency, preferably, your beard will be in much better shape with the right conditioner.




Beard Wash

You should wash your beard no more than twice a week. As mentioned earlier, washing your beard will strip all the natural oils, and that could damage your beard. You can use either liquid or bar soap for your wash, keep in mind that cleanser with a thick consistency will work much better. The scent is also an important factor but not mandatory, especially if you’re using beard oil or balm that is already scented.

Beard wash does not mean you can skip co-washing.






The oil will give your beard shine and will help maintain your natural beard oils. It usually recommended using beard oil on a dry, well-combed beard (preferably after a shower).

A balm has a much thicker consistency making the beard softer and easier to maintain. It is also less complicated to shape your beard with an ointment.


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Because shorter beards don’t require a comb, a brush would be the best alternative. Using a brush will evenly distribute your beard oils, and gives a finishing touch to the beard routine (for long beard). A brush can be with or without a handle, it comes to your personal preference.





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