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Equip Your Kitchen

You don’t have to be a top chef to cook at home, you don’t even have to be considered as a good cook as long as what you’re cooking matches your taste buds.

But you can’t cook without the right equipment and more often than not, amateur cooks end up purchasing tools they don’t even need. They might use a few of them once or twice only to end up in the “junk I never use” cabinet, dedicated precisely for these occasions.

The list below will give you a better picture of the kitchen tools you actually need and put to use almost every time you desire to have a meal.

Cooking at home will save you a significant amount of money and is much healthier for your diet, and the most important thing is that you’ll actually know what’s in your food.


Chef’s Knife

Don’t let the word Chef intimidate you. Yes, it’s called a chef knife. But you don’t have to be one to use it.

Sharp knives are essential for your food prep, the sharper, the better. A chef knife is designed for kitchens’ heavy duties. Whatever it is your cooking, there’s a preparation process for it. You’ll have to cut vegetables to a specific size that compliments your dish.

Because chef knives are the tool that works the hardest in the kitchen, you need to make sure you spend your money wisely on one that will last for a while and easy to work with. Chef’s knife will be the most essential tool you’ll have in your kitchen, treat it accordingly.



Shun Classic 8″ Chef Knife



Pots are essentials for soups, rice, batch cooking, slow cooking, pasta, and the list goes on and on.

To determine how many pots you may need and will depend on how often you cook. It will be a good idea to start with two pots simply because if you decide to cook something like a pasta that requires a sauce, it will challenging to cook the dish with only one pot.



Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker



How else are you going to cook your eggs?

Non-stick pans are the way to go. A pan that is of good quality will make your life much easier when cooking. You can literally throw whatever ingredients you might find in the fridge (as long as they’re applicable to cook) throw in a hot pan with oil, cook evenly, salt and pepper, and you’ve got yourself a dinner. All you’re missing is a glass of your favorite wine, and you’re good to go.



Fry Pan Cookware Set


Cutting Board

Everything starts on the cutting board. You can’t cook without gathering your ingredients, and to do that, you’ll need a cutting board. A heavy-duty cutting board is best but not necessary; it’s a matter of your cooking frequency. You might consider the size of the board if you prefer to store it rather than having it on the counter. Make sure it fits in your cabinets/drawers.



Large Wood Cutting Board With Handle


Baking Dish/ Sheet Pan

Oven cooking might be the easiest method of cooking. All you need to do is mix several ingredients (poultry/fish, root vegetables, fat, and spices, for example) in a bowl, spread them on your baking dish or sheet pan, cook in the oven and you have yourself a great meal in less than an hour. It’s easy, comfortable, and very efficient.

Depending on how big your baking dish is, you can triple the number of ingredients you need, and you can enjoy the same meal for the next couple of days.



Ceramic Glaze Baking Dish For Cooking


Food Processor

While not mandatory, a food processor can make your cooking so much easier. A Food processor can chop, slice, shred, fried, and puree almost any food, which makes it an essential tool to have for making your own dips, ground meat for your burgers, or kneading your favorite bread dough.



Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor

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