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The Top Every Day Carry (EDC) Essentials

What are the EDC Essentials?

Have you ever been in a situation where you think, “Man, I wish I had a pocketknife with me!” or “I can’t see a thing behind this desk! A torch would’ve been great.” Truth be told, women rarely face these dilemmas because their handbags are like vortexes that can carry copious amounts of junk. Men need something a bit more compact that can be easily stored and used whenever necessary.

How Do I Know What My EDC Should Be?

It’s simple! Just think about the small tools you need daily. We’re not saying a mechanic should carry around a calculator, or an accountant should carry a pocketknife…
So, carry what you would typically consider convenient little tools that you don’t have to ask someone else for.
Here are some tools we deem necessary EDC items (but you can totally mix it up or replace them with your relevant tools).

Most Popular EDC Essentials

The Pocket Knife

It doesn’t need to be one out of a Daredevil movie. Just a simple, small, and sharp folding knife will do the trick. Preferably, one that can fold up and hook on your belt. This knife can be used to quickly cut open boxes, envelopes, villains terrorizing mankind, and so on.

The Money Buckle

As stated before, we want to keep things as compact as possible. A wallet gets bulky and is also a way of accumulating receipts you’ll never use or cleanout. The money buckle is great when you only need your cash, credit cards, and driver’s license to worry about. It’s lightweight, durable, and elegant.

The Flashlight

Before you think about your phone’s flashlight, keep in mind that your phone is too bulky to fit into mini areas – and it’s not nearly as bright as you’d think. Get yourself a light, LED, rechargeable flashlight that conveniently hangs on a key ring. That’ll do!

The Pen

Ah, it’s like going to war without a gun, isn’t it? Yet, most of us would probably be at the doors of heaven if that were the case. Pens are probably the most stolen and poorly stocked item in the universe (apart from lighters). We always buy them, but we never ever have them when we need them! That’s why you need a small, compact pen (and a designated pen holder) for your daily writing needs. But remember…this is a holy pen and can only have one owner, so no lending!

The Notebook

No, not the chick flick your wife carries in her purse. The other one with pages. This is ideal for when you need to jot down an important number, address, idea, or doodle. It also goes brilliantly with your pen, by the way!
The Valet Tray
This is perfect for keeping your essentials safe and compact. Instead of juggling everything falling out of your pockets, just use the tray, and you’re good to go!

There are obviously many other things you can replace or add to your EDC list. As long as they’re compact, safe, and a tad manlier than a purse, you’re golden.

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