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What To Take To Your Off-Roading Trip?

The beauty of off-roading is the diversity of the matter. Off-roading can be camping, barbecuing, hanging with friends, and an adventure at the same time. You can choose off-roading for a couple of hours or a couple of days (some would even go for a couple of weeks or even months). You can go with a mild green lane trail, or go rock crawling for more extreme adventure. It could be with a local off-roading group you’re a member of or a couple of good friends. Whatever the scenario might be, make sure you have the right tools to overcome any obstacle that may occur.

You don’t want to find helpless in the middle of nowhere.

Recovery Kit

Make sure that your recovery kit has the followings:

Recovery Strap (snatch strap)

Rope Shackle

Pair of Gloves

Winch Line Dampener

Tree Trunk Protector

Snatch Block Pulley

Depends on the trail you chose to off-road, a recovery kit by itself might be enough. It comes in handy if you’re stuck in deep water, mud, snow, or sand.


A shovel is a multi-use tool. The most frequent use is for sand to recover. But it can also be used for digging a campfire pit, self-defense, and in case nature calls and you need to drop the deuce.

Air Compressor

Some trails will require you to deflate your tires for a better and safer ride. It’s not mandatory to deflate your tires, and some off-roaders would keep their tires inflated at all times. If you do decide to deflate your tires, you would need an air compressor to inflate your tires back up.

Maps/ GPS Device

It depends on the trail you chose and the length of the trail. You don’t want to find your self helpless in the middle of nowhere with no idea where you are and how the hell you’re going to get out.


Always have water with you, don’t put yourself in a risk of dehydration. Also, if you’re off-roading in hot weather, you might consider having a cooler to keep the water cold.

Tool Kit

Just in case something breaks and you need to fix it. Wear and tear happen all the time when you off-road frequently. Just like the shovel, a tool kit can be multi-use, especially when you’re out in nature. Just in case something breaks and you need to fix it.

Traction Boards

Most of the time, you would be able to find a creative solution as an alternative to traction boards. But if you’re stuck in the sand in the middle of the desert, finding a solution will be extremely difficult.

Other than sand, traction boards will get you out of mud, and snow. So, it is always good to have.

A Friend

And lastly, having a good friend to be a companion for the adventure.

In general, it’s not a good idea to off-road by yourself. Getting stuck all by yourself at the top of some mountain or in the middle of the woods sucks!

You can always use an extra pair of hands, even more so if it turns into a camping trip.

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