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Games For Your Man Cave

Your man cave is all about you. It’s your own sanctuary, and you get to choose how to design it.
Most man caves will be set with the basics— a bar, TV, and a sitting area. However, if you feel you want more out of your man cave, consider adding a game or two to lit your room up.
Here are a few examples:



Retro games

Every man has the memory of going to the arcade as a kid. We would pick a favorite game and spend all our tokens on it, in the hope of breaking another record. Pac Man seems the ultimate retro game, and it’s fun to play when drinking. Nevertheless, games like Street Fighter, Super Mario, or even a pinball machine will be qualified as a retro.



Full-Size Commercial Grade Cocktail Arcade Machine



To have a billiard table, you’ll need enough space not only for the table itself. You’ll need to strategically find a spot that will be comfortable enough to actually play the game.
It seems like every man cave should have a pool table, but for the most, it’s an out-of-reach luxury due to limited space. Billiards is a game you can play at your own pace, thus contributing to the mellow ambiance of your man cave.



Urban Professional Billiard Pool Table


Foosball Table

American men can appreciate the beauty of foosball but refuse to watch soccer. Nevertheless, a foosball table is a trendy item, long before Joey and Chandler got one for their apartment. Foosball tables have a variety of sizes, so make sure you pick one that would fit in your cave.



Easy Rotation Foosball Table



The advantages of dartboards are that they’re affordable, doesn’t require a lot of space, and funny shit always happens when you mix alcohol and darts together. Furthermore, dartboards will conform with any man cave design you might have.



American Heritage Vintage Dart Board In Rustic Finish



Most likely, you already have a folding poker table somewhere. Or at least some sort of arrangement for hosting your poker nights. However, some man likes to take it to the next level when it comes to having a poker night.
Having a poker room set up in your man cave will make you legendary among your friends. They will also feel less comfortable taking your money away.



Combination 3-in-1 Game Table



Okay, you can get a chessboard and keep it in your storage until you need to use it. However, having a luxury chess table with custom-made pieces will add so much more flair to your man cave. Chess is a symbol of intelligence, sophistication, and prestige, which will reflect on your room.



Dragon Chess Set

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