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Man Cave Essentials

Your man cave is your reward for hard work and being a good husband/father. Let’s face it, if you’re single you don’t need a man cave, you live in it.
You finally have the space you needed to build your cave, and now it’s time to decorate. The most important thing is that everything about your cave will reflect on you.
You already have a man cave in your own head– that space you wander to when you want to catch a break from the surrounding noises. That place you wander to is what your man cave should look like.

Before you even start thinking about the theme of your cave, you’ll need to get the essentials every man cave needs.


Explore A Fantastic Collection For Your Man Cave



One of the most important man cave essentials.

You want to be comfortable in your man cave, and you’re going to sit most of the time. It doesn’t have to be a brand new one. You can use an old couch you meant to throw away or get one at the flea market. Most likely, you’re going to take naps on the couch, so get one that can handle your chubby behind for a couple of hours.



It is our duty as men to watch crap on TV. Whether we watch it together or use it as a topic for a conversation, we need to watch whatever is streaming.


For your beer, mainly.


That probably should’ve been the first reason why you need a couch. You can’t have an alcohol free man cave. Theoretically, you can, but we’re man, screw theory!


For those times, you’re having a barbecue, shooting pool, or playing poker. In other words, whenever the TV’s not on music would be an appropriate alternative. A simple speaker will do, but you can invest more if you like. It’s all about your budget and what you would like to spend the most on.


You don’t want people eating over your poker or pool table. You worked hard enough building your man cave. Keep it clean.

Make it all work

Make sure that all the items are in harmony and matches the theme of your man cave.



Explore A Fantastic Collection For Your Man Cave

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