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The Poker Night You’ve Always Wanted

One of the oldest customs of men’s gathering is poker night. You meet up with some of your best buds, one or two nemeses, and that one obnoxious guy who everybody loves to hate. You’re unloading the stress of the week, and in about an hour or so, your friends will show up one by one while waiting for the fifth guy to arrive so you could deal the first hand already!

You finally have your man cave; or you might have cleaned up your garage, maybe a room in the house suddenly became available, whatever the reason might be, you can finally afford to have the poker room of your dreams.

And what’s better than putting the place of your dreams to use?

Now that you can host the poker nights you’ve always wanted, you might want to use the list below for tips and ideas on how to decorate and equip your room.


Poker Table

A poker table is more than just a decoration piece or a cool piece of furniture to have. A poker table is built/structured in a way that all players in the game can see the cards, have easy access to the main pot, and enough space between each player, which makes the game much more accessible and comfier to play. It’s definitely one of the most popular tools to have when hosting a poker night. It’s recommended to have folding chairs that will match the height of the table; you don’t want to end up playing poker sitting too low or too high for the table.

Cup holders are not mandatory but are a plus. If you end up purchasing a poker table with no designated spots for cups, you can always buy cupholders designed especially for poker tables.



10-Player Poker Table



Poker chips make the game flow easier, and just like a poker table, they are more than just a cool thing to have. Having poker chips with denominations is not a must, but it sure as heck makes the game run smoothly. If your friends are cool and you don’t need to continually remind them what’s the value of green or red, non-denomination poker chips are fine.


14-Gram Heavyweight Poker Chips



It’s a friendly game—no need to turn it ugly by setting high stakes.

These poker nights are your time to enjoy a card game, have a few drinks, chat with friends, and to call it a night. Most likely, you’ll have another game next week and the week after, and you don’t want a social gathering to turn into a shit show where people lose hundreds of dollars a night. There’s nothing wrong with having a $20 buy-in game, knowing that you might lose $60-$80 at the worst. Or having a $30 tournament buy-in with 3 rebuys max. People act stupid when they lose the money they need, and the combination of alcohol and bad decisions can turn in to an ugly night. Keep it civilized; we’re here to have fun!


“I’m Just Here For The Pot” T-Shirt


Drinks and Snacks

The basic drinks are water, soda, and beer. You can throw whiskey to the list if you insist. Don’t forget to stock up on ice and have enough cups for everyone. As for snacks, salty is the way to go. You can’t have a cold beer with a sweet snack; it just doesn’t work.


Refinery Beer Tower Drink Dispenser 


Deck Of Cards

It goes without saying. You can’t have a poker game without a deck of cards, preferably two if you want to make the game faster. While any deck of cards will do, keep in mind that you’re going to play with these cards every week, and you don’t want to find yourself buying a deck of cards every other week. Plastic cards are the best for the task; they are flexible, durable, more comfortable to deal with, and shuffle.



Waterproof Great Feel 100% Plastic Poker Cards

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