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6 Must-Know Coffee Brewing Methods

In its core, coffee is the relationship between grounded beans and hot/boiling water. It is the different methods, regions, quality, and cultures that differentiate one cup of coffee from another. The essence is the same; however, every brewing method has a story behind it and certain rituals.

Turkish Coffee

This could also be referred to as an Arab or Greek coffee.
Turkish coffee is made with finely ground Arabica coffee — some regions will also add ground cardamom.
It is one of the oldest methods of brewing, and as simple as it sounds, it is hard to master. Turkish coffee is prepared by cooking finely ground coffee in just-boiling water over low heat. The “cooking” device is a small long-handled pot called Cezve in Turkish, finjan in Arab regions, and Ibrik in Greek.
Turkish coffee is intense in flavor and gets its sweetness, by adding sugar about a minute before the coffee is ready.
It’s traditionally made over a low campfire, so you might consider equipping yourself with a Cezve and ground coffee on your next camping trip.


Espresso is a drink by itself, and it is also the foundation for the majority of the most popular types of coffee. To make espresso, you’ll ideally need an espresso machine. A Moka Pot could be used as an alternative (although not entirely the same). It is made by running hot water over ground coffee through a port filter. This process withdraws the oils and flavors; in return, it creates a cup of coffee full of body and aroma.

Filtered Coffee

Known also as a drip coffee. It is the process of pouring hot water over grounded coffee beans through a filter (paper, cloth, or metal). Filtered coffee is fast, convenient, and easy to make, causing it to be one of the most popular coffee drinks. Choosing the right coffee making machine is essential to the quality of the coffee. Furthermore, cheaper machines will result in a poor quality of coffee even if the coffee beans are of good quality. You don’t have to purchase the most expansive one out there; however, make sure it’s good enough to produce to your liking.

French Press

Although it’s known as French, it was patented by an Italian designer. A French press is the device brewing coarsely ground coffee with hot water. The device is merely a beaker and a filter attached to a plunger. It is brewed by pouring hot water over the ground coffee in the glass. After a few minutes of brewing, the plunger is pressed all the way to the bottom to separate the grounds.
A French press coffee is very similar to filtered coffee in its flavor but has more intensity to it.


Siphon brewing is an old invention that goes all the way back to the mid-1800s. Although old, it is a sophisticated brewing method resulting in a delicate, some might say purer, a cup of coffee. Here’s how it works:
There are two chambers connected with a tube. One is filled with cold water and the other with coarsely grounded coffee. Once the water chamber is heated, the vapor pressure will push the water into the grounds chamber. After the water is mixed with the grounds, the heat is turned off. While the empty chamber cools down, it creates a vacuum that pulls the liquid through a filter, back to the water chamber. Now the water chamber is filled with vacuumed filtered coffee, ready to pour.

Moka Pot

A brewing machine, producing coffee similar to espresso.
The Moka pot brewer has three components. The element of the bottom is for water, the middle holds the grounds, and the top will be the end result of brewed coffee. The coffee is made by heating the Moka brewer, the steam pressure pushes the water through the grounds to the top component. Don’t expect it to be identical to espresso. Although both have the same concept, the pressure in Moka pot brewing is much lower.

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