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7 Coffee Health Benefits FAQs

As you open your day with the smell of a fresh cup of coffee, the last thing you think of is the health benefits of it. However, when consumed in moderation, coffee is actually a healthy beverage. 

Is it OK To Drink Coffee Every Day?

Yes, but like anything else, it’s all about moderation.

Consumption of four 8oz cups of coffee is perfectly fine. Yet, too much coffee can cause anxiety and increased heart rate. On the other hand, moderate daily consumption may increase alertness, energy, and ability to concentrate.

Decaf shares the same benefits of caffeinated coffee. 

Can You Get Cancer From Coffee?

There’s no solid and definitive evidence supporting that consumption of coffee contributes to cancer risk.
Furthermore, the American Institute for Cancer Research shows that drinking coffee may reduce the risk of liver cancer.
Again, we’re talking about moderation. Consuming too much of anything can put your health at risk.

Is Tea Better Than Coffee?

This question is a little tricky because, yes, tea is better for your health than coffee. However, it doesn’t mean to put coffee in a negative spotlight. Tea is healthier because of its herbal benefits and lower level of caffeine than coffee.
The bottom line, tea is healthier, but it doesn’t make coffee dangerous.

Who Should Not Drink Coffee?

In general, it is always smart to ask your doctor if coffee consumption is bad for you. Other than that, the usual suspects in the form of pregnancy, children, and teens should not consume coffee.

If you’re healthy and your body still reacts differently to coffee — jitters, anxiety, trouble sleeping — you should stop consuming coffee and talk to your physician.

Does Coffee Make You Sexually Active?

Caffeine increases blood flow to the penis by relaxing muscles — in some cases, it can stimulate sexual arousal, thus reducing the chances of erectile dysfunction. This is true for men drinking two to three cups of coffee a day.

Does Coffee Make You Gain Weight?

The coffee is not the problem, it’s the shit you add to it. Coffee alone won’t cause weight gain; specialty coffee drinks that have a high dose of combined sugar will. In fact, coffee can actually assist in weight loss.

Is Coffee Bad For Your Kidney?

No proven facts are showing that drinking coffee can harm the kidney. In fact, drinking coffee in moderation can actually lower the risks of chronic kidney disease. However, moderation is the key when drinking coffee.


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