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Popular Types of Camping Trips

Camping is a fun activity that can easily become a lifestyle. It’s a great way to spend time with your family or friends while enjoying nature. 

Furthermore, camping is an excellent source of stress release, soaking up fresh air, and exercise. 

Any outdoor activity can turn into a camping trip. There is no set of rules on what’s right or wrong when it comes to camping.

Tent camping

The most basic type of camping.

The purpose of this trip is to find the right campsite to place your tent. You might want to spend more than a couple of nights, so finding the right spot is important— Ideally, on flat ground. 

Another thing to consider is the weather condition. Try to avoid hollow or muddy ground in case it rains. It would be frustrating to have a soaked tent that you can’t sleep in.

Backpacking or Hiking

Similar to tent camping with the addition of hiking. 

In this type of camping, you are constantly moving while carrying your gear, including your tent. So make sure that you carry only essentials and that they’re not too heavy.

Also, you have to prepare yourself for hiking. This means comfortable shoes, lots of water, a first aid kit, and protection from the sun.

Survivalist camping

The most extreme type of camping. 

Survivalist camping is divided into two, base camp survival camping and walk out survival camping. 

Base camp survival camping is about you finding an isolated spot to settle for a few days or even weeks. You will need shelter and hunting/fishing skills to catch your own food. Also, you will have to think about a reliable source of water. Camping next to a lake, for example.

Walk out survival is very extreme. 

In this type of camping, you’ll be dropped off in the wilderness, and you’ll have to find your way back to civilization. This requires tremendous surviving skills. 

Canoe Camping

Although it’s called canoe camping, a kayak will do just as well. 

The same concept as backpacking only you’re “hiking” is on water. 

You’ll have to find a place to tent adjacent to the body of water. This type of camping is not recommended when it rains, so try to avoid it.

Canoe camping is the only type of camping that allows you to see the wilderness from a different angle. 

RV and Van Camping

Not every camping trip has to be a survival challenge. 

You might want to be in the wild without worrying about shelter, fire, water, and food. That’s absolutely okay. You don’t have to. 

RV and Van camping are convenient but limiting at the same time. The camping spot will depend on where you can park your vehicle.  

However, you don’t have to worry about wild animals, and you can carry much more equipment with you.

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