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The Magic Of Writing

You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, right. Who has time for that?”. Well, we can go right ahead and say, “Who has time to go to a therapist?”. Writing isn’t simply taking a pen and paper and starting with “Dear Diary.” It can be, but that’s not always everyone’s cup of tea.
Writing is a magical way of materializing your thoughts, whether you need a rant, or you want to word-spew all the junk your brain accumulates daily onto a piece of paper and burn it. Regardless, it has shown to be very beneficial to write daily. Here’s why:

The Benefits of Writing Daily

Brain Recycle Bin

Writing things down can clear your mind and make space for innovations and ideas. This includes writing down every single task, activity, and projects you still need to get done, whether it’s buying bread on the way home or sending out reports the next day.

Morning Brain Preparation

This involves writing at least one or more pages every morning to clear your head and prepare your brain for the day ahead. This could also be beneficial at night if you want to go to sleep with a clear mind and a fresh slate.

Processing the [Un]Processable

As previously mentioned, having your “Dear Diary” moments is entirely up to you. Though you don’t necessarily have to write to the diary, it can help to write down what’s in your mind – helping you sort and sift through inner conflicts or wrap your brain around a certain situation. If it helps, try addressing your wife instead! “Dear Karen, I don’t appreciate you rearranging my toolbox.” Just remember to never actually give it to your wife, OR hide the notebook in your toolbox…

Keeping Track

Writing is great if you haven’t got the best memory. It can also be great – or not so great – to go back and read about past feelings, thoughts, and experiences you’ve forgotten. If they’re not great memories, refer back to where you write them down and burn them afterward…

Think Big

Writing things down opens up a world of possibilities. If you tend to foster great ideas and write them down every time they appear in your brain, you’ll start a collection of brilliant, not-so-brilliant, and unrealistic ideas. All of which you can use in various areas throughout your life. Regardless of how realistic they are, keep them! You’ll never know when they’ll be achievable.

Sense of Commitment and Achievement

There’s just something great about writing down a goal, dream, or ambition and crossing it off once it’s done. The feeling of commitment and achievement is priceless and cannot be bought. Writing down your goals means you’re one step closer to materializing them, crossing them off the list, and moving onto the next big endeavor. Remember to be specific! Write down the timeline, actions to achieve them, and how realistic they are.
There are many benefits to writing daily. It can even become more than a hobby! If you feel confident, post them on a blog page and see where it takes you. Or, keep it in a safe place for you to revisit whenever you feel like it. Either way, you’re making progress!

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