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9 Bar Tools For Your Man Cave

So you had your bar for a while and up until now, it served you great. The wines and whiskeys served you good so far and you want to expand your alcoholic repertoire by adding cocktails to the list. Maybe you have a couple of friends that drink only mojitos and for some reason, you’re still friends with them. Your wife might be a Bloody Mary person. Whatever the reason might be, here are essential bar tools that will come in handy on any occasion:

Find The Perfect Tools For Your Bar

Bar Spoon

A bar spoon is used to bring down the temperature of a drink by stirring it with ice. The simplest way to use it is by mixing your drink with ice in a mixing glass until reaching the desired temperature. The stirring side of the spoon is actually the tip side and not the measuring/flat side of the spoon. The measuring side of the spoon is used mainly for garnishing your drink.

Citrus Squeezer

The squeezer needs no further introduction. It is essential for cocktails with citrus in them and it’s important to have a squeezer that gets the most out of your citrus.

Cutting Board and a Pairing Knife

For start, you would need a cutting board for your citrus. A cutting board – along with a pairing knife – is also essential for garnish and presentation prep.

Hawthorne Strainer

The Hawthorne strainer has two main features, perforated holes, and coils. The coils help to adjust the strainer to your cocktail shaker while the holes ensuring a smooth drink.

Make sure to get one with coils that can be easily cleaned and not too tight.


Although The Metro Men feels that when it comes to alcohol more is better, it will be smart to have a jigger to sustain the integrity of the cocktail recipe.

Find The Perfect Tools For Your Bar

Mesh Strainer

A mesh strainer takes the straining process to the maximum. It’s basically the “final” straining process if you desire to have a smooth, and agitation-free drink.


A muddler is not a tool you use very often. Nevertheless, the more you learn about cocktails making the more you’ll use it. It’s a tool you don’t use very often. Muddling is used to squeeze the essential oils from the herb to your drink. Buy doing that you’re adding an essential flavor to your cocktail without the bitterness of the herb (especially in mojitos). 

Boston Shaker

A traditional and efficient way to shake a cocktail. The Boston shaker is a two-piece cocktail shaker, consisting of a pint glass and a metal tin which are used to shake the cocktail before serving. 

Ice Bucket

Okay, so we know it’s got nothing to do with actually making a drink. However; it is still a great way to keep your bottle of wine chilled or supply of ice for other drinks. 

The Metro Men
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