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Cigar Accessories

Why have cigar accessories when every cigar lounge supplies them for you?

To quote one of my favorite characters, Cosmo Kramer:

“Why go to the park and fly a kite when you can just pop a pill?”

With cigars comes accessories. You need to cut your cigar, light, stash, and maintain it. The art (yes art) of smoking cigars has its own culture, and you are a part of it. You like to talk about a new cigar you smoked, how did it go with a glass of bourbon, and how great of a deal it was.

You already have your group of ‘cigar friends’ you smoke with 3-4 times a week or even every day (if you’re lucky).

Having certain cigar accessories will upgrade your smoking experience. Just like having an espresso machine, it’s not a must, but it upgrades your lifestyle.

It’s time for you to kick back, lit a cigar, and explore the different cigar accessories options.


The guillotine, or straight-cut, is the most popular type of cigar cutters. It can be used on any kind of cigar, and most of them are pocket-size, which makes it easier to carry. The same goes for V cutters; however, there are very few cigar cutters that are good enough to last. Because the blade is shaped differently, and much harder to sharpen, V cutter gets dull rather quickly. Especially the cheap ones.

A punch cutter is the easiest to carry. It also has the cleanest cut. In addition, you can buy a cigar lighter that already has a built-in punch cutter. Enjoy both worlds. Yet, the most significant disadvantage to punch cutters is that they won’t work on all cigars.

A Fantastic Cigar Cutters Collection 


Other than keeping your cigar fresh, a humidor can be a great decoration piece.

Keeping your cigar fresh is very important for your smoking experience. The size of a humidor will depend on how often you smoke, and how much you want to spend on it. Yet, a cigar can stay fresh approximately 5 years, if stored correctly in a humidor. So don’t worry about your humidor being too big.

In addition, if you’re crafty enough, and have the right tools, you can build your own humidor.


A lighter is not only a must for every cigar smoker; it is also fun to collect.

While you can light your cigar with any source of flame, a jet flame would be best. The variety of lighters is endless, and it really comes down to your own preference. As mentioned earlier, most jet lighters come with a punch cutter, which is a considerable advantage if that’s your choice of cut.

You can spend as low as $10 on a single flame jet lighter, but consider investing on a lighter that will last a while. Some lighters manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Luxurious Cigar Lighters


Okay, so obviously, this is not a must. You’re not going to carry your ashtray everywhere you go. However, you are smoking in your man cave, cigar room, or your patio. Having a regular ashtray won’t work unless you don’t mind constantly holding your cigar. Also, cigars produce much more ash (than cigarettes or… funny cigarettes) when smoked, so you need a portable ashtray.

You don’t have to spend too much on an ashtray, they all function the same. The only times you might consider spending more on an ashtray are if you want it to match your cigar room theme, or you might need a floor standing ashtray.

Cigar Case

This is not a humidor. Some can be. But the primary function is to carry your cigars. You are busy, you don’t always have time to stop by the cigar shop. You might be in a business meeting, out for dinner, or just off-roading with a couple of friends, and you want to have a smoke.

Also, in recent years, a growing number of cigar enthusiasts adopted the habit of collecting vintage cigar cases. So other than being fancy, you can always have it as a collectible piece. Something to think about.

A Collection of Cigar Cases

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