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How To Cut Your Cigar

The proper way to cut your cigar is up to how you like your cigar draw. Whichever way you’re comfortable the most is the correct way to do it.

With that being said, it’s not a bad idea to know the different cigar cuts there are and what are their cons and pros.

There are 3 main different cutting types: punch, V, and straight.

Although some people poke, cut with a knife, trim with scissors or even bite. Cutting too much of the cap, your wrapper could unravel. So, make sure you remove just a little bit off the cap to achieve the airflow you desire.

Straight Cut

The most popular cut and the only cut that can be used on any cigar, unlike the other cutting methods.

As mentioned earlier, cut just as little off the cap as you can.

The same rule goes to a torpedo-shaped cigar, just cut the tip, test the draw, and cut accordingly.

V Cut

A V-cut is best used on box-pressed cigars. It has a clean-cut, which leaves a little more of the end of your cigar intact; therefore, it holds more of the cigar together, less unravel.

Keep in mind when choosing a cigar, make sure the V cut is not cutting too deep into the cap. Not all cigars have a super deep cap on them, which can cause cutting the cigar too deep.


With a punch-cut, you’re just going to take a little hole out of the end of your cigar. Line up the punch in the center of the head of your cigar, and you’re going to slowly twist the cigar and the punch and apply gentle pressure until you pierce through the wrapper and pull the little plug out. You’re going to end up with a really nice hole at the end of your cigar. It’s an easy and clean way to open up the cigar, and when smoking with a punch cut, you’ll have the least amount of tobacco in your mouth.

Another advantage of a punch-cut is there’s no risk of overcutting your cigar. If there’s not enough draw, add another punch to the side and test draw, keep doing that until you get the desired draw.

It’s easy to carry, and some lighters have a punch in their bottom, which can be very efficient.

One disadvantage to the punch-cut would be that you can’t cut all shapes or sizes of cigars. Cutting a torpedo-shaped, or a smaller reengage cigar would be very challenging.

A few more ways you can cut your cigar:

Scissor Cutter

Most cigar lounges carry scissors for cigar cutting, and it is used just like you would use the straight cutter. Again, don’t trim too much of your cap!

Bite or Pinch-

I know it’s not ideal, but if you find yourself without anything to cut your cigar with, a bite or pinch will do fine. Don’t bite too deep, it’s not beef jerky. The same rule of cutting applies here, you want to have a hole big enough for you to be able to draw properly, but not too big to unravel your cigar.

Cigar Nubber-

I like this tool because it has two functions to it, improving the airflow in cigars that are rolled too tight and holding the small remaining portion of a cigar to be able to safely continue smoking to its very end.

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