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How To Revive A Dry Cigar

There’s nothing worst for a cigar smoker than having a dry cigar. Every stick is essential, and we’ll be damned if we let one go.
Fortunately, at The Metro Men, we won’t leave you alone in the battle. There is still hope!

What Would You Need?

It is impossible to bring your cigar fully back to life. However, with this process, you will still revive the cigar enough for you to smoke and enjoy it even if it lost some of its flavors.

To start the process of reviving your cigar, you would need a humidor – a separate humidor from the one you use for your ‘wet’ cigars – and a hygrometer, so you’ll be able to monitor the humidity.

Alternatively, you can use a ziplock bag for the dry cigar and place it in the same humidor with your fresh cigars. However, make sure that the dry cigar is not touching your fresh cigars directly. It can damage the freshness of your cigars.

Pierre Cardin Bastrop Glass Top Cigar Humidor Set

Reviving Process

You start by placing the dry cigar/s in the humidor. At this point, you need to determine the proper humidity percentage. A low humidity might never revive your cigar, while high humidity would shock your cigar instead of gradually bringing it back to life.
An ideal humidity level to start with is 65%-68%.

Once you stored the cigar in the humidor, the name of the game would be patience. You got to give the cigar time to soak back moisture, and this process might take a while, but don’t give up!
Give the cigar a week in the humidor. Open your humidor and feel the cigar; if it still feels the same, give it another week. Once you start to feel that the cigar is getting a little softer, you can raise the humidity level — not too high, though, if you started with 65%, bump it up to 68%, and then 72% (which should be your cap).

Blake Crocodile Pattern Black Leather Humidor

Final Thoughts

It is perfectly acceptable to leave your cigar on 68% without raising the humidity level if you feel your cigar is moist enough. Some dried cigars are still in good shape and need a little TLC, while others might be too dry and might require you even to go as high as 75% or even 82% humidity. Whatever you do, don’t forget to check on your cigar periodically (once a week should be ideal).

If you place the dry cigar in the same humidor with your fresh cigars, leave it there until it becomes moist enough to smoke (your humidity level should be between 68%-72%). Again, don’t forget to check on it once a week.

Smoke away!

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