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Properly Humidify Your Cigars

Cigars are made in the Caribbean, and the purpose of the humidor is to recreate the same humid environment.

Smoking a dry cigar is very unpleasant. It will smoke hot and uneven and will have an acidic aftertaste to it. Alternatively, smoking a cigar that is too moist would be hard to puff.

That’s why you got yourself a humidor, you want to keep your cigar fresh.

While not rocket science, maintaining the freshness of your cigar requires a little bit of effort from your end.

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As mentioned before. You will need to store the cigars in the closest conditions to its place of origin. Therefore, cigars should be stored at 65%-72% humidity with an ideal temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit (73 is the max temperature but try to keep it as close to 70 as possible).

If you want to avoid mold that may sabotage the effectiveness of your humidor, don’t use regular water in your humidifying agent. Always use distilled water.

Don’t become too obsessed with your cigar humidity. As mentioned earlier, a moist cigar can be hard to smoke. If you maintain it properly, you have nothing to worry about.


If you noticed mold on one of your cigars, remove it immediately and air out your humidor. However, make sure it is a mold. If the patches on the cigar are somewhat off-white, it is not mold. It means your cigar is aging. Mold patches tend to be green.

Getting Your Humidor Ready

This process is also known as ‘seasoning’ your humidor.

Wipe down the interior of your humidor with a sponge soaked in distilled water. Make sure you’re not leaving any stains of water. This can damage the wood and the sealing of the humidor.

Place a lightly soaked sponge— in distilled water— inside the humidor. Make sure you’re using some sort of a divider to prevent the sponge from touching wood.

Close your humidor and let it sit for at least 24 hours.

In some places (less humid), you might need to repeat this process until you reach the desired humidity percentage.

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